7000+ years of glass.
It is believed that kiln formed (a.k.a. fused) glass could have originated in association with copper smelting around 5000 BC. Glass in the form of a pottery glaze was used by the Egyptians prior to 3000 BC, cast glass was being made by the second century BC and blown glass was highly prized in the first century AD.

Since the advent of electricity and the development of the electric kiln, kiln formed glass has been able to ride the wave of technological advances. With a better understanding of the science behind glass, the modern glass artist can choose, combine and develop boundless creative expression.

I love the fact that working in kiln formed glass requires an understanding in the science of glass in order to do the art of glass. For me, working in the medium of glass is a wonderful, endless path and a precious, exciting, challenging joy! The other enduring delight is sharing my love of glass with others through teaching, gallery representation and custom design/installations.

"Try everything that can be done.  Be deliberate. Be spontaneous. Be thoughtful and painstaking. Be abandoned and impulsive. Learn your own possibilities." American Artist, George Bellows

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